Before knowing quantum computing, it is important to know the binary computer which we are using nowadays so that we can better understand the concept of a quantum computing. The binary computer uses 2 digits to do computing which is 0 and 1. We also call it machine language.

That is, all the work done on the computer is done on the basis of 0 and 1. 0 means off and 1 means on. We also call 0 and 1 bits. The binary computer understands only 0 and 1. For this, 0 and 1 are converted into electronic signals. Like we talked about already, 0 will mean off and 1 will mean on.

As we know everything in the whole world has two sides, now here we are talking about binary computers and it is obvious that binary computers cannot be perfect even nothing can be perfect. The binary computer also has some limitations. That is, it does computing, but if we have to do computing of large numbers like 1000, then it takes a lot of time so it’s a limitation.

Quantum Computing

To overcome these limitations, the concept of quantum computing comes. Quantum computing uses a quantum computer. Suppose that you have a number and if you have to do computing a big number then obviously it will take a lot of time. The binary computer takes a lot of time on this condition.

The problem here is that its processing is quite slow. To eliminate these things, the concept of quantum computing came and the processing is much faster in this. Quantum means the smallest unit. That is the smallest unit of anything that cannot be divided at all. We know that the smallest unit in this world is the atom. It’s not like an atom is the smallest, it also has sub-parts such as electrons.

Here we are talking about something that we cannot break further. You know atom has its own microcomputer means also do the work of atom calculations. The scientist also got the concept of making quantum computer from here, means that the atom which is there can do micro computing by itself. It was on this basis that the scientist thought that why not make quantum computing.

Working Process of Quantum Computing

According to physics, the atom which is rotating keeps on rotating but it rotates only two conditions, either upward or backward, atom spins on both these conditions. If we look at it digitally, then it works in the form of 0 and 1. That is, the 1 will be upward and the 0 will be downward. But if we see an atom, then it can be up and down at the same time.

So on this condition, binary computers will fail because the binary computers will be able to take only one decision at a time, either 0 or 1. But atoms can be up and can be down at the same time which is not possible on a binary computer. 0 and 1 are called bits in binary computing but what we use in quantum computing is called qubits.

Qubits are different from bits. Information in qubits can be in the form of 0 and 1 while it is not possible in the bits. Due to being in qubits, its speed becomes very fast. If we talked about binary then only one state can work in binary, either 0 or 1 but if we talked about quantum then it can work on both states. The result will come on a single state but computing will be done on both states.

Hope after reading this article, you came to know that what is a quantum computer as well as about binary computer and how it changed our lifestyle.

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