What is natural language processing? Natural means the thing which has been created by nature and which is going on itself. We have not to work on it and it remains itself.

Processing means working on any language. First, let’s talk about why language is important. Language is a way to communicate whether it is human beings or animals. Language is a source of communication for all. If we don’t have a language, how will we communicate with each other? That’s why it is very important to have a language.

It’s simple that language is meant to communicate. You know that we use programming language so that we can get our work done by computer. There are many programming languages like C, C++, Java, and Python and there are many languages that we use. The purpose of creating a language is so that we can get our done by computer.

Natural Language Processing

Let’s talk about whether the computer understands the programming language or not. The computer does not understand programming language but the computer can understand machine language. It converts the programming language into machine language so that computers can understand.

This is to be done because our computer understands only machine language and machine language is in the form of 0 and 1.

Now let’s talk about natural language processing. As you know we use language to talk to each other. Everyone has their own language. If someone is living in a village then his language will be different and if someone d living in a city then his language will be different and everyone cannot have the same language, everyone has the different language.

Everyone talks in their own language. If someone knows English then he will talk in English and if someone knows Spanish then he will talk in Spanish. It is not possible that you can talk to an English person in Spanish and talk to a Spanish person in English. If the Spanish person knows English, then if you talk to him in English, then he will answer your point because he understands that language and if an English person knows Spanish then if you talk to him in Spanish then he will answer your point.

This gave both of them their respective answer in which they wanted to talk. The person in front is asking us a question in another language and he is expecting that we should answer him in the same language. This is how your natural language works.

Let’s suppose you search for something on Google. If you search on Google how will be the weather today in your own language then it will answer you in the same language which you have used on Google and not will answer you in any other language. It will answer you in the natural language and also means that the language in which we are giving the input, we are getting the output in the same language.

Challenging for Natural Language Processing

It also had a lot of challenges like speech recognition. There are many such words whose pronunciation is the same but the meaning is different. When we are making a request through voice, how does the system understand that you are referring to this word or another word? So that is why it is very challenging in natural language processing. If we speak two sentences differently and as we are human beings and understand that what is going on here but it will prove to be a big challenge for the system how to understand it.

This has many complications in Natural Language Processing and this is a very vast topic. In the end, you should understand natural language processing in such a way the system response to you in the same language in which you request the system. So this is how natural language processing works.

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