In this article, we are going to talk about Deep Learning. The deep learning concept is a very advanced topic. A lot of work is being done on this these days and it’s done something that we couldn’t even imagine but now that is possible. We use artificial intelligence so that the machine behaves like a human. We use machine learning so that the machine learns the work on the basis of its experience but here comes deep learning.

Why do we need Deep Learning? Was it not working before? What was the reason why we had to use Deep Learning?

So let’s try to figure it out. Actually, machine learning has some limitations, and to eliminate those limitations we had to take the concept of it. There is no doubt that machine learning is a very advanced topic but if you have a large amount of data then its performance will be down. To eliminate these limitations, we took the concept of it.

Machine learning can manage large amounts of data and can work on it and can also solve the complex problems that there are. If the amount of data is less, then your machine learning is best for that but if the amount of data is very high, then you will have to use deep learning for that because it performance is the best.

Deep Learning

Deep Learning Working

In deep learning, we do not feed the details of any object into the model. This means we don’t put any details on the model. This concept is applicable in it because in this we use an artificial neural network. As you know that human brain works on the base of neurons so that’s why we have used an artificial neural network in this. By which the machine itself detects what is the object in front.

For example, if we have a flower in front of us then we don’t put in the model details that there is a flower in front. The model will scan it itself and recognize that the object it is in front of me is a flower. This is how deep learning works.

Deep learning is designed according to the structure of the human brain. Like I just told you that our brain works on the basis of the neurons. Neurons work to send messages to the muscles. The neuron is just like a cell.

Here we have created an artificial neural network by copying only biological neurons. Artificial Neural networks work in the same way as our body and brain work. Due to this, we do not need to scan the information, it automatically identifies what is the object in front of it.

As I told you that deep learning is also used to solve complex problems which were one of the limitations of machine learning. For example, if we write a digit in two ways, then humans will identify that it is the same digit but how the machine will identify whether it is the same digit or not. So the problem of this type can also be solved easily with the help of deep learning. Actually, we use many algorithms in this, so that they solve the problems easily.

How did we identify that these are the same digits just because we have seen such things and we have intelligence and we work on the base of intelligence? Deep learning will also work on its intelligence base. As deep learning scanned that it is the same digit, then whatever we write, it will think that it is the same digit.

Uses of Deep Learning

Deep learning is being used in many fields nowadays. As we can see that deep learning is being used a lot in the medical field. If any human has been disease in his body and we have to detect the cells which are inside that human, as you know that cells are a very small thing so they can’t be detected easily. This type of typical work can be solved through deep learning if there is any cell damage or not. Because it has algorithms that detect whether there is any cell damage or not.

Deep learning is also used in self-driving cars. As I talked about earlier, the model recognizes whether there is an object in front of it or not. What objects can you have in a self-driving car? There may be a road, there may be a human being standing in front of the road. In a self-driving car, the model identifies all the objects on its own base. That understands which direction I have to go to and whether the signal is off or on and decides what speed to drive and where to apply brakes.

All this work is of deep learning in which algorithms are used. All these algorithms themselves decide what, why, when, and where we have to do something.

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