In this article, I’m going to let you know about the 5 natural ways to control the blood pressure which will be very beneficial for you to control your blood pressure in natural ways without any medicines.

1 billion people all over the world are victims of blood pressure. For this, they use 3 to 4 tablets daily so that they can control their blood pressure. Whether there is blood pressure control or not, they become victims of diseases due to medicines.

In today’s article, I will tell you some such ways by which you will be able to control your blood pressure. If someone you know and/or uses tablets to control the blood pressure, then you will tell them this method so that they avoid medicines.

In today’s article, I will tell you five such methods, using which you will be able to control the blood pressure.

Control the Blood Pressure
Control the Blood Pressure

Way 1 to control the blood pressure

One of the main reasons for high blood pressure is your insulin level is extremely high. Many studies tell us that if you have more insulin then it will affect your body in two ways.

One reason is that if your body has too much insulin, then it stops water and fluid in your body, so because of that, the blood pressure becomes high. Another way is that when insulin is high, the inflammation is high as well and when this happens, your blood pressure will obviously increase. If you are a victim of blood pressure then you should stop it. So you have to try that your insulin level is normal. There is a very simple task for this you have to do. First of all, you have to get your test done.

After this, you have to bring changes in your diet that you have to reduce carbohydrates in your diet. The point comes there that if you want to reduce insulin in your body, then you will have to reduce carbohydrates as well. Food that is getting converted into sugar by going to the body has to be reduced, so when you reduce that kind of food and increase protein and fats against them, then your blood pressure will start decreasing and you won’t need medicines.

Way 2 to control the blood pressure

As I told you on way 1 you have to reduce insulin and on way 2 you have to reduce inflammation. When there is more inflammation in your body, it means that your blood pressure will be higher in your body. For this, you have to increase the quantity of protein and fats as well. When you have to come on this diet, then you have to reduce the sugar completely and the biggest reason is that the oil that we use to make our food is the biggest reason to increase the inflammation and you have to avoid that oil too. You can use olive oil or coconut oil but you have to avoid vegetable oil.

As soon as you remove sugar and vegetable oil from your diet, your inflammation will come down and when insulin is normal and you are both of these things will be fine then blood pressure will start normally.

Way 3 to control the blood pressure

Way 3 is to include magnesium in your daily routine. There are many studies that tell that when you include magnesium in your diet without doubt, then your blood pressure starts becoming normal. If you say from where you will get magnesium, then which green vegetables are and besides these there is meat and in addition, you can take supplements.

Way 4 to control the blood pressure

Potassium is number 4. Just as you have to include magnesium, in this way you have to include potassium as well. There are also a lot of studies for potassium that provide evidence that potassium helps in keeping blood pressure normal.
Way 5 to control the blood pressure

Number 5 is that you have to improve your sleep, if you are not getting enough sleep, it will increase your blood pressure. Many studies tell that if the insulin level in your body is high and inflammation is high as well, then the reason for this is that you are not getting enough sleep. As soon as you reduce the insulin in your body, the sleep hormones in your body start recovering. Apart from this, one thing has to be remembered that if you have poor sleep then you will definitely have an issue with blood pressure.


This is what I have told you 5 steps, it is not necessary that you have to follow them and you have to leave the medicines you are using, you should do this at all. You check your blood pressure in the morning and evening and you have to check it at this time when you are completely relaxed. Do not do that time if you have done any physical activity, do not do this is because your blood pressure will be high at that time. Slowly you have to reduce your medicines and if you follow these steps, then you will be able to control your blood pressure in a few days.

Hope this article will help you to control your blood pressure and you will enjoy your life after following these steps.

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