Adobe creative cloud is a set of applications and services which provides a set of applications and services to the subscribers. Through which he does Graphic Designing, Video Editing, web development, and photography as well as few sets of mobile applications and a set of optional cloud services.

The creative cloud offers monthly and yearly memberships over the internet through which we can take advantage of everything. The software can be downloaded from Creative Cloud with the help of the internet and the user installs it on the computer. As long as the membership remains valid, it can be used.

In today’s article, I’ll let you know about Adobe Creative Cloud. Adobe Creative Cloud launched creative cloud in 2011. It is also called CC. This includes online updates and many languages. Creative Cloud was the first to host on Amazon but now it is in contract with Microsoft which started with the 2017 version.

adobe creative cloud

So now let’s talk about its applications. Adobe Creative Cloud retains many of the features of the Adobe Creative Suits so far and with this new features of cloud have also been added. Let us know what Creative Cloud is and how it works. Creative Cloud is a kind of membership that gives you all the creative professional applications of adobe. You can also install it on Mac or PC and can sign in. But it’s licensing prohibits using it on 2 computers. You have to take care of it and you also get cloud storage and file syncing capabilities so that you can access your files whenever you want through your mobile.

When you buy Adobe’s membership direct from their website, your membership starts when you place an order. Membership has to be renewed at a fixed time it can be monthly or yearly. If you have taken prepaid yearly membership so if you cancel it within the first 14 days, then you get all the money and if you cancel it after 14 days then you get only 50% of the full amount refunded.

If you cancel your membership, you can still access the files on your computer and on the creative cloud website but after that, you can’t run its app and your account also becomes free membership in only up to 2GB of data storage is available. Creative Cloud application installed directly to your computer so you don’t need internet to run. The first time you need the internet to install and license your apps but you can use apps offline with a valid software license. You can run apps offline for up to 99 days in yearly membership and in monthly membership; you can use offline apps for 30 days.

 Adobe Creative Cloud Apps

Let’s talk about which apps you can use in the creative cloud.

Adobe Acrobat

Adobe acrobat is number one and it is a family of software that is used for pdf. Adobe Acrobat Standard and Adobe Acrobat Professional are all used to create pdf files.

Adobe After Effect

Adobe after effect is at number two. This is digital motion graphics software. It is often used for film and video production.

Adobe Animator

Adobe Animator is at number three. This is a vector animation software that is used to create interesting animation and it is used with drawing tools.

Adobe Dreamweaver

Adobe Dreamweaver is at number four. This is a combination of codes.

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is at number five. Adobe Photoshop is a raster graphics editor. A raster graphic is a computer program that allows users to create images with different tools and edit them. You can also share these images in any file format.

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