Golf Balls Comparison Chart 2022: (Swing Speed, Spin Rate)

Do you ever feel like you’re spinning your wheels when it comes to golf balls? It can be tough trying to figure out which ball is best for your game. That’s where our golf balls comparison chart comes in handy!

In this chart, you’ll find information on swing speed and spin rate, as well as the best golf balls for players with different speeds and spins. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, we’ve got you covered!

Golf Balls Comparison

There are a variety of factors that go into selecting the best golf ball for your game. To start, think about the areas of your game where you’d like to see a slight improvement.

For skilled golfers who want to focus on finesse shots around the green, a high-spin ball can be helpful for better pitches and chips.

Golf Balls Comparison Chart

If you’re looking for more distance off the tee, a low-compression ball may help to increase your average driving distance. However, if you already drive the golf ball farther than most of your playing partners and want to gain an edge with your approach shots, a high-spin ball may be the better option.

It all comes down to knowing your game and what type of shots you tend to hit in certain situations. When you have a good idea of the types of shots you want to play, it’s easier to choose the right golf ball for your needs.

Tour Level

For the most skilled golfers who are looking for the best performance possible, tour-level golf balls offer some of the best features available.

Multi-layer golf balls are designed to provide elite control and feel around the green, as well as maximum spin-on approach shots.

Thinner cover construction allows for even more spin control, helping you to hit laser-like approach shots.

The best feature of tour golf balls is the ultra-low compression core that produces less driver spin while also increasing ball speed and distance off the tee.

Golf Balls Comparison

This helps produce a more penetrating flight path with reduced sidespin for extra carry and roll at landing. Additionally, tour golf balls offer a softer feel and enhanced greenside control for better putts.

If you want the most advanced features available, tour-level golf balls are perfect for your game.


The sidespin that exaggerates slices and hooks is reduced by distance golf balls with wider profiles, allowing for longer, straighter flights.

A bigger core aids in the carrying of the ball while a thicker cover helps to protect it on wayward shots. The reduced spin of these balls can add yards to even the longest driver.

A wide profile ball may not hold the greens as well, but it will get you further off the tee and onto those greens in fewer strokes.

However, golfers with a flexible swing should be able to control their shots with a wider profile ball.

Most golfers need a ball that is easier to hit straight and longer off the tee.


The type of cover your golf ball has can affect how it feels on the clubface and at impact. Softer covers tend to feel softer, while harder covers may produce a firmer feel.

One of the most important factors in choosing a golf ball is compression rating, which refers to how tightly wound the interior core is compressed during manufacturing.

This determines how much the ball compresses upon impact with your club. The harder you swing, the higher compression rating you will likely want, and vice versa for golfers who swing slower.

The spin rate of balls has a lot to do with their cover materials as well, so if you want more control over where your shots land on the green, then you’ll want less spin on your golf balls.

Golf Balls Comparison Chart: (Swing Speed, Spin)

Below is a chart comparing the swing speeds and spin rates of some of the most popular golf balls on the market. This information can help you choose the best ball for your game.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out our Golf Ball Comparison Chart and find the best ball for your swing!

BrandModelComparisonSpin RateSwing Speed
BridgestoneTOUR B XDistanceLow105+ mph
BridgestoneTOUR B XSFeelHigh105+ mph
BridgestoneTOUR B RXFeelHigh90-105 mph
BridgestoneTOUR B RXSFeelHigh90-105 mph
BridgestoneE12 SoftDistanceHigh90-105 mph
BridgestoneE12 SpeedDistanceMid105+ mph
Bridgestonee6 SoftFeelLow90-105 mph
Bridgestonee6 SpeedDistanceLow90-99 mph
BridgestoneLady PreceptDistanceMidBelow 90 mph
BridgestoneLaddie ExtremeDistanceLowBelow 90 mph
BridgestonePrecept PowerdriveDistanceMidBelow 90 mph
CallawayChrome Soft 22FeelLow90-100 mph
CallawayChrome Soft XDistanceHigh105+ mph
CallawayERC SoftDistanceLowBelow 90 mph
CallawaySupersoftFeelHighBelow 90 mph
CallawaySuperhotDistanceLow90-100 mph
CallawayHex SoftDistanceLow
Below 90 mph
CallawayWarbirdValueLowBelow 90 mph
CallawaySuperhot 55PremiumLowBelow 90 mph
CallawaySuperhot 70TourMid85-100 mph
CutBlue DCTourHigh100+ mph
MizunoRB TourTourHigh95-105 mph
MizunoRB Tour XTourHigh105+ mph
MizunoRB 566ValueMid85-95 mph
MizunoRB 566VPremiumHigh90-95 mph
Nike20XITourHigh90+ mph
Nike20XI-XTourHighOver 90 mph
NikeOne Vapor SpeedPremiumMid80+ mph
NikeOne RZNPremiumMid100 mph
NikeOne RZN XPremiumMid100+ mph
NikePower Distance SoftValueLow100 mph
NikePower Distance LongValueLow85 mph
NikeRZN BlackTourLow105+ mph
NikeRZN WhitePremiumHigh95-100mph
NikeRZN RedPremiumMidBelow 105 mph
NikeRZN SpeedTourHigh105+ mph
NikeRZN PlatinumTourLow105 mph
NikeRZN TourTourHigh100+ mph
PinnacleRushValueLow85 mph
PinnacleGold DistanceValueLowBelow 90 mph
PinnacleSoftValueLowBelow 90 mph
PinnacleBlingValueLow90 mph
High90-105 mph
SnellMTB BlackTourHigh90-105 mph
SnellGet SumTourLowBelow 90 mph
SnellMTB RedTourMid90-105 mph
SrixonSoft FeelFeelMidBelow 90 mph
SrixonLadies Soft FeelValueMidBelow 90 mph
SrixonZ-StarFeelHigh90-105 mph
SrixonZ-Star XVDistanceHigh105+ mph
SrixonAD333ValueLow95 mph
SrixonQ-Star TourDistanceMid90-105 mph
SrixonQ-Star 5PremiumHigh75+ mph
TaylorMadeSoft ResponseValueMid90-105 mph
TaylorMadeDistance PlusDistanceLow90 mph
TaylorMadeNoodle Long & SoftValueMidBelow 90 mph
TaylorMadeNoodle Easy DistanceValueLow85 mph
TaylorMadeKaleaValueLow85 mph
TaylorMadeProject (a)DistanceHigh90-105 mph
TaylorMadeProject (s)FeelMid90-105 mph
TaylorMadeTP5FeelHigh90-105 mph
TaylorMadeTP5xDistanceHigh105+ mph
TaylorMadeTP5 PixTourHigh90-105 mph
TaylorMadeTP5x PixTourHigh105+ mph
TaylorMadeRocketballzPremiumMid90-99 mph
TaylorMadeRocketballz SpeedValueHigh105 mph
TaylorMadeNoodle NeonValueMid70-95 mph
TitleistPro V1TourHigh95-105 mph
TitleistPro V1xTourHigh105+ mph
TitleistAVXTourHigh90-105 mph
TitleistVelocityDistanceLow90-105 mph
TitleistTruFeelValueLowBelow 90 mph
TitleistTour SoftFeelLowBelow 90 mph
TitleistTour SpeedTourMid90-105 mph
TitleistNXT TourPremiumHigh81 mph
TitleistNXT Tour SPremiumMid90 mph
TitleistDT TruSoftPremiumLowBelow 90 mph
TitleistDT SoLoValueMidBelow 90 mph
Top FliteGamer UrethaneDistanceMid80-95 mph
Top FliteD2+ DistanceDistanceLow100 mph
Top FliteBombValueLowBelow 90 mph
Top FliteXLDistanceLow97-104 mph
Union GreenPindropPremiumHighBelow 90 mph
Union GreenTeebirdValueLowBelow 90 mph
ViceProPremiumHigh95-110 mph
VicePro SoftPremiumHighBelow 95 mph
VicePro PlusPremiumMid110+ mph
ViceTourValueMid90-100 mph
ViceDriveValueLowBelow 95 mph
VolvikSoliceValueMidBelow 95 mph
VolvikCrystalPremiumMidBelow 90 mph
VolvikVividPremiumMidBelow 90 mph
VolvikVivid LiteValueLowBelow 90 mph
VolvikS3TourMid95-105 mph
VolvikS4TourHigh105+ mph
WilsonDuo OptixValueMidBelow 90 mph
WilsonZipValueMid90-105 mph
WilsonFifty EliteTourLowBelow 90 mph
WilsonDUO ProfessionalPremiumHigh90-105 mph
WilsonDUO Soft+ValueMidBelow 90 mph


Now that you have seen the golf ball comparison chart, you can see how each ball performs in different areas. By understanding how the balls perform, you can select the best ball for your game.

No matter what type of golfer you are, there is a golf ball that will work well for you. If you are a beginner, you should look at the distance and spin numbers to determine which ball will help you get more distance.

For high handicappers, it’s best to use a low compression golf ball that is designed for higher swing speeds. For lower handicappers, it’s usually better to use a softer ball with less spin. These balls are designed to produce more distance.

Once you find the ball that works best for your game, stick with it! Using the same golf ball will help you develop a consistent swing.