Golf Ball Compression Chart 2022: (Dimples and Construction)

Looking for a golf ball compression chart? Golfers know that a good golf ball can make all the difference on the green. The construction and compression rating of a golf ball affects its performance on the course.

In this guide, we will discuss what dimples are, how they are constructed, and how compression ratings affect a golf ball’s flight. We will also provide a chart that shows the best construction and compression ratings for different types of golfers.

Why Do Golf Balls Have Dimples?

Dimples are the small, raised bumps on a golf ball’s surface. They affect how a ball flies through the air by decreasing drag and increasing lift.

Dimples allow for greater distance off the tee because they decrease drag, which helps to keep your shots straight (especially with drivers).

Golf Ball Dimples Chart

But dimples also increase lift due to pressure differences between the top and bottom of the golf ball. This lift helps to keep the ball in the air longer, which gives you more time to correct your shots.

The number and size of dimples on a golf ball also affect its flight. Larger dimples create more drag, while smaller dimples create less drag.

A greater number of larger dimples will create more lift, while a greater number of smaller dimples will create less.

Golf Ball Construction

Golf ball construction is important to consider when choosing a ball for your game. Different golfers need different types of balls to achieve the best results.

There are three main types of golf ball construction: One-piece, Two-piece, Three-piece, Four-piece, and Five-piece.

One-piece golf balls are made of a solid piece of rubber or plastic. They are the most durable golf balls, but they also travel the farthest. Their main use is for driving distance and putting accuracy.

Two-piece golf balls are made out of two pieces: a solid rubber or plastic core and an outer layer of rubber or plastic. They are the most common type of golf ball. They have good distance and durability, but they are not as good for putting as one-piece golf balls.

Golf Ball Construction or Layers Chart

Three-piece golf balls are made of solid rubber or plastic core, an inner layer of rubber or plastic, and an outer layer of rubber or plastic. They are better than two-piece golf balls for distance and accuracy on short shots. However, they are not as durable as two-piece golf balls.

Four-piece golf balls are made of solid rubber or plastic core, an inner layer of rubber or plastic, and two outer layers of rubber or plastic. They are the most accurate golf ball on short shots. However, they do not travel as far as other types of golf balls.

Five-piece golf balls are made of solid rubber or plastic core, an inner layer of rubber or plastic, and two outer layers of rubber or plastic. They are the most durable type of golf ball but they do not travel as far as other types.

When choosing a golf ball for your game you should consider what kind of player you are and what you are looking for in a golf ball.

Golf Ball Compression

Golf ball construction is one of the most important factors when selecting a golf ball to use. The compression rating refers to how much the cover deforms when struck with a club, and can greatly affect distance, durability, and spin response.

Generally speaking, higher swing speeds will require lower compressions for optimal performance (distance). Lower swing speeds will benefit most from higher compressions.

  • Low Compression: 80 or Lower Rating
  • Medium Compression: Standard Rating 90
  • High Compression: 100 or Above

A compression rating is assigned to a golf ball based on the degree to which it gets compressed when struck by a driver. The amount of compression translates into how much energy is transferred from the clubhead to the ball, thus affecting distance and dispersion.

Golf Ball Compression Chart: Dimples & Construction

The chart below shows the dimples, construction, and compression ratings for different types of golfers.

Golf BallsBrandsConstructionCompressionDimples
Point 3AlmostFoam Core1/8 mm
CrusherBigg Golf2 Piece90392
TOUR B XBridgestone3 Piece85330
TOUR B XSBridgestone3 Piece86330
TOUR B RXBridgestone3 Piece66330
TOUR B RXSBridgestone3 Piece65338
e12 CONTACTBridgestone3 Piece70326
e6 Golf BallBridgestone2 Piece44330
Lady PreceptBridgestone2 Piece50330
Laddie ExtremeBridgestone2 Piece70372
Precept PowerdriveBridgestone2 PieceMid372
Chrome Soft 22Callaway3 Piece75332
Chrome Soft XCallaway4 Piece95332
Chrome Soft X LSCallaway4 Piece100332
ERC SoftCallaway3 Piece60332
SupersoftCallaway2 Piece38332
Supersoft MAXCallaway2 Piece30332
SuperhotCallaway3 Piece70332
WarbirdCallaway2 PieceHigh332
Chrome Soft TruvisCallaway3 PieceLow332
Strata EagleCallaway2 PieceMid332
REVACallaway2 Piece30332
Superhot 55Callaway3 PieceLow332
Superhot 70Callaway3 PieceLow (70)332
Cut DCCut Golf4 Piece105360
Cut BlueCut Golf4 Piece90314
DC Atomic YellowCut Golf4 Piece105360
Cut GreyCut Golf3 Piece80314
Cut Matte WhiteCut Golf3 Piece65314
Cut RedCut Golf2 Piece60332
Cut Matte OrangeCut Golf3 Piece65314
Cut Pink MatteCut Golf3 Piece65314
M5Chromax2 Piece75302
DistanceChromax3 Piece90482
M1xChromax2 Piece75
O.V. 3Chromax2 Piece75
Poop EmojiEnjoyLife2 Piece
Foam FlightGoSportsFoam CoreRealistic
SignatureKirkland3 Piece90338
Signature TourKirkland4 Piece97360
DistanceKLEEN2 PieceLow
FeelKLEEN3 PieceLow
RB TourMizuno4 Piece90360 C
RB Tour XMizuno4 Piece110360 C
RB 566Mizuno2 PieceLow566 Micro
RB 566VMizuno3 PieceLow566 D
StraightFliMaxfli2 Piece374
SoftFliMaxfli2 Piece35332
Tour XMaxfli4 Piece318
TourMaxfli3 Piece85318
XS TourMaxfli2 PieceLow318
Ultimate DistanceNitro2 Piece90Symmetrical
CrossfireNitro2 Piece85Symmetrical
Maximum DistanceNitro2 Piece85Symmetrical
GlycerinNitro2 Piece70Symmetrical
WhiteOutNitro2 Piece70352
PulsarNitro3 Piece90352
Tour Distance SoftNitro2 Piece40Symmetrical
Novelty BeachNitro2 Piece352
Novelty SoccerNitro2 Piece352
20XINike4 PieceHigh360
20XI-XNike4 PieceHigh360
One RZNNike3 PieceHigh314
One RZN XNike3 PieceHigh314
One Vapor SpeedNike3 PieceMid336
Power Distance LongNike2 PieceHigh432
Power Distance SoftNike2 PieceMid314
RZN BlackNike4 PieceHigh360
RZN WhiteNike3 PieceLow344
RZN RedNike3 PieceMid314
RZN SpeedNike3 PieceHigh344
RZN PlatinumNike4 PieceHigh360
RZN TourNike4 PieceHigh344
RushPinnacle2 PieceLow332
Gold DistancePinnacle2 PieceHigh332
SoftPinnacle2 Piece40332
Ladies BlingPinnacle2 PieceMid332
Laddie ExtremePrecept2 PieceLow372
PowerdrivePrecept2 PieceLow372
LFTProActivePractice Balls
The FloppyProActiveIndoor Balls
F4 PureProActivePractice Balls
MTB-XSnell3 Piece85-90360
MTB BlackSnell3 Piece75-80360
Get SumSnell2 PieceLow
MTB RedSnell4 PieceMid338
Soft FeelSrixon2 Piece60338
Q-Star Tour 3Srixon3 Piece72338
Ladies Soft FeelSrixon2 Piece60338
Z-Star DivideSrixon3 Piece90338
Z-Star XV DivideSrixon4 Piece102338
Z-Star DiamondSrixon3 Piece102338
Z-StarSrixon3 Piece90338
Z-Star XVSrixon4 Piece102338
AD333Srixon2 Piece77338
Q-Star Tour 2Srixon3 Piece72338
Nhl Logo Q-StarSrixon2 Piece77338
DistanceSrixon2 PieceLow324
Q-Star 5Srixon2 Piece77338
Z-Star 7Srixon3 Piece90338
Q-Star 6Srixon2 Piece72338
Z Star 4Srixon2 Piece90324
Z Star 5Srixon3 PieceLow338
MarathonSrixon2 Piece98333
Soft Feel LadySrixon2 Piece60338
SD TourSpalding3 Piece85344
SD Tour XSpalding3 Piece95344
MolitorSpalding2 Piece85352
Pure SpinSpalding2 Piece50
Pure SpeedSpalding2 Piece85
Soft ResponseTaylorMade3 Piece35322
Distance PlusTaylorMade2 Piece77342
Noodle Long & SoftTaylorMade2 Piece34342
Noodle Easy DistanceTaylorMade2 Piece50342
KaleaTaylorMade2 Piece60342
Women's KaleaTaylorMade2 Piece60342
Project (a)TaylorMade3 Piece70322
Project (s)TaylorMade3 Piece60342
TP5TaylorMade5 Piece87322
TP5xTaylorMade5 Piece91322
TP5 PixTaylorMade5 Piece85322
TP5x PixTaylorMade5 Piece97322
RBZ SoftTaylorMade2 Piece60342
RocketballzTaylorMade3 Piece60360
Rocketballz SpeedTaylorMade3 Piece82360
Noodle NeonTaylorMade2 PieceLow342
Pro V1Titleist3 Piece100388
Pro V1xTitleist4 Pieces108.4348
AVXTitleist3 Piece80348
VelocityTitleist2 Piece65350
TruFeelTitleist2 PieceLow376
Tour SoftTitleist2 Piece65342
Tour SpeedTitleist3 Piece78346
NXT TourTitleist3 Piece80302
NXT Tour STitleist2 Piece70302
DT TruSoftTitleist2 Piece60376
DT SoLoTitleist2 Piece70392
LadyTop Flite2 PieceLow332
BombTop Flite2 Piece80332
EmpowerTop Flite2 Piece65322
PindropUnion Green3 PieceMidUG
TeebirdUnion Green2 PieceMidUG
DriveVice Golf2 Piece90312
ProVice Golf3 Piece86318
Pro SoftVice Golf3 Piece65318
Pro PlusVice Golf4 Piece85336
TourVice Golf3 Piece90392
SoliceVolvik3 PieceMid322
CrystalVolvik3 Piece75350
MagmaVolvik3 Piece90432
VividVolvik3 Piece75322
Vivid LiteVolvik3 Piece75322
Vivid SoftVolvik3 Piece65336
ViMaxVolvik2 Piece70322
Vivid XTVolvik4 Piece95392
Vivid XT AMTVolvik3 Piece90322
XT SoftVolvik3 Piece70336
Power SoftVolvik2 Piece70372
S3Volvik3 Piece85336
S4Volvik4 Piece90336
T2Volvik2 Piece
Duo OptixWilson2 Piece40302
ZipWilson2 Piece50302
Fifty EliteWilson2 Piece50302
DUO ProfessionalWilson3 Piece60362
DUO Soft+Wilson2 Piece35302
Staff ModelWilson4 Piece100362
Staff Model RWilson4 Piece100362
Staff Model NYCWilson4 Piece100362
SmartCoreWilson2 Piece90432
Tour Velocity DistanceWilson2 Piece85400
Tour Velocity FeelWilson2 Piece65400
Tour AccuracyWilson2 Piece85400
Velocity WomenWilson2 Piece75400
Ultra 500Wilson2 Piece90432
Ultra 500 DistanceWilson2 Piece90432
Ultra 500 StraightWilson2 Piece90432
ChaosWilson2 Piece80400
ElevenXXIO3 Piece70324
Rebound DriveXXIO3 Piece78338
PremiumXXIO3 PieceLow324


Dimples on golf balls create turbulence in the air as the ball moves through it, which reduces drag and allows the ball to travel further. The construction of a golf ball also affects its compression.

A harder ball will compress more than a softer one, resulting in less distance traveled. Understanding how these factors impact your game can help you choose the right ball for your

Now that you know all about golf ball dimples, construction, and compression, you can choose the best ball for your game. Remember to consider the type of terrain you will be playing on, as well as your own personal swing characteristics. With a little bit of research and some trial and error, you’ll be able to find the perfect ball for you.

Happy golfing!