You must know that the full form of RAM is Random Access Memory which is super-fast high-speed storage. You can also call it the short-term memory of the computer. It is super-fast as well as high storage which is used for the data store in the present time. This means that the programs that are used continuously, work to store that common data.

It is a short-term memory of any computer, whereas hard disks or SSD of a computer is long-term memory where data are stored permanently. Every computing device has Random Access Memory whether it is a desktop computer, laptop, mobile, tablet, or a special purpose device everything is used by it.

Hard discs are used in almost all computers to store long-term data. Whether it is HDD or SSD or other optical devices, it is very fast to read and write data by doing it in comparison to them.


How does the RAM WORK?

Let’s try to know how RAM works. It gives you the advantage that you can do many programs at the same time at a good speed. It is much faster than a hard disc, it can be 20 to 100 times faster than any hard disc it depends on the hardware type and task.

When you want to complete any specific task, the computer operating system loads the data into it from the hard disc. Let’s say you want to work on a spreadsheet, when you open Excel, your computer loads the data into it. Some computers are working very fast; it is because their RAM is fast. When you’re done, you save it in Excel which means data gets saved in hard disc or long-term memory. When you forget to save it and the light goes out then all your work is gone because it keeps the data stored inside it as long as that file remains open.

However, when you work in MS Office and if the light goes off and the file remains unsaved, then when you turn on the screen again, that file comes on the desktop until you close it. When we close that file, our computer operating system removes that file from the it so that our Random Access Memory will be free and can be used for the next work.

When we turn on the computer and load any program, it takes time to load. But after that when we open that program again, it gets open at the same time. The reason for this is that when we open any program for the first time, it is loaded from the hard disc, but when we open that program for the second time, it opens at the same time just because that program is loaded from RAM and it is much faster than hard disc.

When an application needs a lot of rams so it often gives you status reports. When you load a game or powerful application so it often happens and when you launch the game then you see a loading screen indicating that the system is loading the game.

Let’s try to know how much Random Access Memory we need. The more RAM a computing device has, the faster the system runs. If your device is older you may need to update the hardware. Every open application such as Tab in a web browser uses it but you should keep in mind that it is different from storage. When you turn off the system, all the data from it goes to the hard disc or SSD.

When we open 10 to 12 tabs on the web browser then a maximum of 2GB RAM is used. So it depends on how the task is, if the task is big then there will be more it used and if the task is small then there will be less RAM used.

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