You must have heard a lot about Artificial Intelligence. In today’s article, we are going to talk about what is Artificial Intelligence and where it works. We are also going to talk about what advantages we are going to get from artificial intelligence in the future and what disadvantages we will see.

First of all, let’s talk about what is artificial intelligence, So it says to create such features inside any machine or inside any device that is inside human beings. So this thing is called Artificial Intelligence.

When we talk about it, the first thing that comes to our mind is robots. Because AI is used inside them and the structure they have is very similar to humans. So we think that we will use it only inside the robots, then it is called artificial intelligence but it is not so. There are many such things in our daily life in which we are using it.

Uses of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is being used inside our mobile phone’s apps and in addition to Google search, and in the coming future; it will be used inside the driverless car. Apart from this, artificial intelligence is used in Uber app, sports app, and weather apps, even artificial intelligence is also used inside the messages we types. Apart from this, artificial intelligence can also be said that by doing such programming inside any machine or should design any software in such a way that we do not have to give instructions again and again to work.

Artificial Intelligence

Apart from this, if we talk about how it works, then there is not a fixed way for it to work if we drive a car, then there is a fixed way to drive a car, but the working principle of artificial intelligence is different.

For example, if you use artificial intelligence inside messaging then its working principle is different compared to the driverless car. If we talk about how AI is used inside messaging, so when you type a message then below which you are getting prediction show here artificial intelligence is used. If we talk about how AI is used inside other things, then we will talk about the update of the weather app that we are getting, basically, our location is being used for getting the weather update automatically, that’s why it’s called artificial intelligence.

Apart from this, if we talk when we travel on Uber, then according to the minute, our bill is made and all the calculation is done due to artificial intelligence. This means to say that we give instruction to the machine once and apart from that it does all the process itself, then the name of this thing is AI.

Advantages of Artificial Intelligence


The first advantage is that if we use robotics inside the industry, the person gets tired because there is a limit to his work, but if we use robots instead of humans, then the working capacity of a robot is too much. So by using robots, we will get the advantage that we can get any work done in the industry by using artificial intelligence. Human has a limit that they cannot work in a dangerous place, so if we use a machine there, then the machine will be able to perform that work.

Medical Field

We will get the second advantage of this in the medical field. Those who are medical researchers and medical scientists are using artificial intelligence to invent such medical devices, which they will install inside our body and if any disease starts occurring at the initial stage, then that device will tell us in advance. So we will find out a solution in advance. We can get a lot of benefits from AI in the medical profession.

Driverless Car

We will get the main benefit of AI in our driverless car. When a person drives he focuses on the road but focusing is not that much easy for a human. He is getting calls and messages or his attention goes somewhere else. But focusing is easy for machines. When AI is used in a driverless car, then it will reduce accidents.

Daily Life

If we talk about daily life, then such a curtain, door, and lights are being created in which AI is being used. It will happen that when we are not inside the room, our light will automatically off. So with this, we will be able to save electricity and apart from this, we will be able to improve the security of our homes.


I hope that after reading this article, you must have come to know what is artificial intelligence and how many benefits it has in our daily life and how much it has made our life easier.

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