In today’s topic, we will talk about augmented reality. Let’s talk about what it is and how it works what is the difference between these two. First of all let’s talk about what is augmented reality.

If we define augmented and reality separately then augmented means to display something perfect, whereas reality means truth so augmented reality means to display something perfect which looks absolutely true.

Augmented reality is a part of virtual reality. In this, such environment is set in the computer that the environment around you. That is, the environment around is created exactly like that which is virtual and virtual seen is ready. Meaning that when you see you will feel like it is real but not actual and you can’t even tell the difference between the two that which is true or which is fake.

augmented reality

Working Process of Augmented reality

Augmented reality works on the three-term

Motion Tracking

First comes motion tracking and in this, the main role is of the gyroscope. A gyroscope is a small sensor that is also present in our mobile phones. Its function is to track motion when you turn on the camera, which side it is moving, and what is the object in front of it. The gyroscope observes all these things and it is used to track motion in augmented reality.

Light Estimation

The second is the light estimation. The sensor in it observes the surrounding light inside itself and how much light is there in front of you, how much effect to give, and how much not to give they all manage this. To make the shadow of any object, the sensors that are installed on light estimation do this. So that if you see any other objects, they will look real.

Flat Surface

The third is a flat surface. The flat surface augmented reality works on a flat surface. If you want to do augmented reality on a plane surface, then it will work but it won’t work f you want to do that on the rough spot because it is not capable.

Augmented reality needs a flat surface to work so that flat established model on it, start work and be able to interact with us.

Uses of Augmented Reality

Digital Gaming

You must have heard and played digital gaming, and then you know how popular it is. A person of every age is attracted to it. So you can think for yourself how much it can use in the future.

Military Training

Next is military training. Augmented reality is also used in military training. Here soldiers are trained that if you are in war then what kind of situation you have to face. Like the whole environment is created and when soldiers fight in real they don’t think they are fighting the first time.

Engineering Design

Engineering design comes at number three. Here any object is prepared how it will appear after being created. With this, we are also able to do that how people will interact with this after a product is made. It will cost us to make something real, but here we are making something like virtually.


Medical comes at number four. It is also being used a lot in medical. Those who are new medical students or new doctors are trained in this field. Here a virtual environment is settled that if someone has to undergo surgery etc. They perform it virtually but everything looks real. If a doctor performs an operation, then everything is known to him in advance and not his first-time experience because he has already been given the training virtually.

Augmented reality is used in all these fields and its scope is very much in the future.

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