In today’s article, we are going to talk about cloud computing. Let’s try to know why we need cloud computing. Was it not working before? What are the difficulties ahead because of which we liked computing best? Let’s say you want to host a website so what things you will need for that. First, you will need a server.

The second point is that if your site is getting a lot of traffic, then you will have to take more servers for that. So you can keep a lot of your storage. The third point will be how you will monitor and manage your server.

We were doing all these things before. Now what will be its limitation, as we saw in the first point that we need a lot of servers, this made our setup expensive. So this will cause problems with your budget. According to the target of your budget that you have set, you will not be able to reach your goal. The second point was that due to the high traffic on your site, you will have to take a lot of servers. Why did the traffic come and what is the reason for this so let’s see it.

Let’s say your site gets a lot of traffic from 6 pm to 10 pm because then people are free. The rest of the time there is less traffic, so this also becomes a problem. So the server remains ideal for the rest of the time. This means that your server is not being used at that time or being used very less.

Cloud Computing

Now let’s see what is cloud computing. Cloud computing is a technology that store data and process through the internet and it works through a remote server. This means that it also stores data through the internet using a remote server and process as well. The important thing is that it does not require a local server. Because if you look at the local server, then your cost on it will be too much. Because you have to make full payment whether you use it or not.

Cloud Computing

For example, you have booked a room and you are getting a room on a per daily basis. It is your issue whether you stay in that room for a whole day or 2 hours but you will have to pay the complete payment. The second condition is that you are booking a room but you will pay the same for the time you stay in that room. In this, the second is beneficial for you because you paid as much as you used that room. In the first condition, it was that you are not using the room much but you are paying much.

So this is the concept of cloud computing. The longer you use it, whether it is hardware or software, you will have to pay the same. If we keep our data on a cloud server then it will not cost us much. We are storing our data over there also so there is no need for us to buy an expensive server.

Scalability is on the second, here you can divide your server into different capacities. This is also beneficial for you because you are paying as much as you are using. One important thing is that the cloud provider manages and processes your server themselves, you do not need to do anything.

In this, you do not need to know anything about how it will work and you have to study it or not, there is no such thing, they will manage and process your server themselves. You just have to store your data and process it; you don’t need to do anything else.

Cloud Model of Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

Cloud models are of two types

• Service Model

• Deployment Model

Service Model

The service model has three parts as well

• IaaS

• PaaS

• SaaS

IaaS means infrastructure as a service. This means you are deciding the infrastructure in it and how much GB RAM you need. You will decide how many GB servers you want. They will give you only a service and the more you use, the more you will have to pay.
PaaS means platform as a service. This means they are giving you the platform where you have to work. What happens on the platform that you run your own application on the platform. But you don’t need to install software here.

SaaS means the software as a service. Here you get the application as software.

Deployment Model

It has three types

• Private cloud

• Public cloud

• Hybrid cloud

If you want that your system that is on the cloud, only you can access it, and then it is called a private cloud.

In the public cloud, you will decide how much you want to get the consumer access and how much you do not want to access.

In a hybrid, you will use a combination of both private and public.

The concept of cloud computing is very advanced because it has solved many of our problems. Especially it solved the money problem because if we work according to our budget then it is fine but if we go more than budget then it will create a problem for.


I hope you have understood this article and you must have come to know what is cloud computing and how it has changed the world.

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