In today’s article, we are going to talk about cyber security. As you know how important cyber security is for all of us. Because today’s world is completely technology world and today we are completely digitally implemented and do all the work online. So here comes the security which is very important. Because the more important technology has to evolve, the more important its security. So let’s talk about what is cyber security and how it works.

Actually, cyber security is a type of security that is a way to protect our systems, network, and programs. We can secure our things and our personal information by using cyber security. These are cyber-attack, they use all these things to destroy or remove our personal information, or there is also a way to get money from the user and to make interrupt his business.

Cyber Security

Implementing cyber security is very challenging and you would say that why so, the answer would be that there more devices in this world than humans. That is, there are more devices than there are human beings, so the attackers are becoming more innovative, due to which is very difficult to implement.

Cyber security works on three terms:

• Confidentiality
• Integrity
• Availability

Cyber Security

So let’s look at all of these ones by one


In this, only those who are authorized persons can be accessed the information. For example, you are working in an organization and the personal and official things or personal information of that organization that they want to share with only a few members, then they will give you the password and when you enter the password then you will be able to access that information, otherwise, others will not be able to access it. Actually, this security is a purpose means we can also do security in this way and this type of security will come in your confidentiality security.


In integrity, only one who is authorized can add or delete the information. This means if we have to fill in some important data then only the authorized person who has been alerted can do that. This has the advantage that your personal information does not get deleted due to any reason. This is the main point of view behind it, so there will be only one authorized person who will work to fill the information and the others will be able to read that information.

No one can be interrupted him that we also do some data entry, so it is not like that at all. It can only do who will be the authorized person who’s given the task.


Here you will have the system clear or function, just on the demand base. This is how confidentiality, integrity, and availability work. This is also called CIA in short form.

Let’s see the threats of the CIA and its threats are of two types:

• Cyber Crime
• Hacking

Cyber Crime

Cyber Crime is a type of crime that is done through the internet. Means accessing someone’s personal information without his permission and misusing it.

This is the cyber-crime, so let’s see its types:

It is usually of 3 types

• Computer-Assisted crimes
• Computer as the target crime
• Computer incidental to the crime

Computer Assisted crimes

Frauds come inside it.

Computer as the target crime

This is a criminal activity that focuses on the system, server, network, and data storage system, for example, a virus.

Computer incidental to the crime

In this, the computer is used to record criminal activity.


You must have heard that someone hacked this and today a small child has come to the newspaper that hacked this system. So must have come to your mind what is the meaning of this hacking.

So let’s talk about what is hacking

When any computer, network, server, or website is being made, then there are some shortcomings in these and that is called vulnerability. So those who are hackers find these shortcomings and reach our information. It’s called hacking.

Types of Hacking

• White Hat Hacking
• Grey Hat Hacking
• Black Hat Hacking

White Hat Hacking

In this hacking, hackers are given permission you can hack our system. So you must be thinking that what type of hacking is this, in which permission is being given. The reality is that the big companies that make their products, now want to know what the shortcomings in their products are so that their business becomes better.

So that’s why they recruit hacking posts on their companies, so those white hat hackers work for them and find those shortcomings and give all the reports to them. So all the results come out from this and they improve that thing again, so that’s why it is called white hat hacking.

Grey Hat Hacking

In this, it happens that hackers get into anyone’s website or anyone’s system for the purpose of the experiments and these are valid and invalid as well.

Black Hat Hacking

This is very risky hacking and also very wrong. Actually, there is a hacker who gets entered any website or system without permission and accesses it. But after access, he uses it wrongly and that is a big crime. If any hacker comes into black hat hacking, then he will be called a criminal.


This is how cyber security works. I think in this article I tried to explain to you in an easy way and you must have come to know what is cyber security and why it is important.

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