In today’s article, we are going to talk about Edge Computing. You must have heard its name because nowadays this topic is very much in trend. You must also know that edge computing is a part of cloud computing. Let’s talk about what it is and how it works.
Edge computing is an extension of cloud computing. If you do not know what is cloud computing, then click on this link to know about cloud computing.

Before starting this article, I would like to tell you a little bit about cloud computing. Cloud computing is a platform where we can store our data. Cloud computing also provides us a platform where we can do our work and it does our work from a remote server through the internet. There is no doubt about this because till now we have been doing all our cloud computing right. It not only stores the data but also manages and processes our server with it which is a huge task.

If you are given a task that you ever host your web pages and see your server along with it, then how difficult will it be for you. If you have to watch this with your work then you will think how hectic it is. Now all these problems have been solved because of cloud computing. But cloud computing also needs to be upgraded now. But the big companies want that the latency time should be reduced as are big technology corporates like Amazon, Microsoft, etc.

They all want that the latency in work should be reduced. Latency is that if you searched something on the browser, then in how much time you are getting the result after searching. Like if you click on the image, then how much it is taking to have a complete show in front of you so this is the latency time. What is happening right now is that as we make our data cloud-based and when we access it, it takes some time.

Edge Computing

Technology corporates want it not to take that much time. As soon as we have requested, we will get the result at the same time. Edge computing is being used to overcome this limitation. Like I already told you that edge computing is an extension of cloud computing. Edge computing works as a mediator. Edge computing is between users and cloud computing. Whose will be stored the data and due to which the distance of data traveling will be reduced so that we can access the data quickly.

Earlier all the data was stored in the cloud but now the important data will be stored on edge. In this way, the latency will be greatly reduced. Edge computing will be able to analyze processes and transfer data across the network. This will mean that instead of sending the data to a distant centralized server, it will be stored nearby.

Difference between Cloud Computing and Edge Computing

In cloud computing, the time was taking a little more to travel the data, but in edge computing, the time would take a little less. IoT systems also compute the data from the cloud. But in edge computing, the data will be stored on the local server and will process the data and manage the large amount of data generated.

Edge computing will process the data and store it inside and the important data will be shared on the cloud. No need to send over the network since the data is processed. Just the important data is sent, due to which edge computing network reduces the amount of data.

Let us know what can be the advantages of edge computing


Speed is because the distance is very less. Earlier the data had to be traveled to the cloud but now edge computing is able to retrieve the data and this will increase your speed.

Future Technology

As you know 5G technology is coming. Corporates are thinking that 5G and AI should respond quickly and give the result absolutely accurate. At the same, its computing should be better, faster, and easiest.

Location Solution

It is used for cloud computing in a remote location where there is limited or no connectivity of data at a centralized location. These locations require local storage like a mini data center and for which edge computing is best.

Data Efficiency

Data does not need to be sent over the network once it is processed; only the important data is sent. Therefore edge computing reduces the amount of data that is sent over the network due to which the latency will decrease.


This was edge computing which is a very important topic and I tried to tell this article in a very easy way. I think after reading this you must have understood what is edge computing and how it works.