In today’s article, we will talk about 5G technology. Because I know that we all have to wait for 5G Network. Because we all want to use new mobiles which has new features and which make our work even smarter. Let’s talk about how it will be processed and what is it in this technology.

You must be aware that as the generation of the network increases, its speed improves a lot. Earlier you can see that 1G came and in that we only used to make calls etc. After that came 2G in which we started using the internet but the latency time was too much. With the advent of 2G, we used the internet, and then came 3G. With the advent of 3G, the speed of the internet increased so that we started working better.

When 4G came, the way we used to work became much better and we began to evolve new technology and that made our work easier. Now it is obvious that if 5G comes, then what cannot happen. Because we have implemented so many technologies in 4G itself. So as the 5G comes, we will be able to implement more new things.

5G Network

5G Network

The only thing that will happen with the arrival of 5G is that the use of IoT will increase a lot. Anyway, it is being worked on it, but after the arrival of 5G, all the work will be based on it. With the advent of 5G, three skills will increase significantly.

5G Network

• High Bandwidth
• Low latency
• Dents Connection

High Bandwidth

Let’s talk about bandwidth first. The bandwidth of 4G is 0-200 MB/S. But the 5G bandwidth will be 0-100 GB/S.

Low Latency

Now let’s talk about low latency. Latency means response time. This means how much time the internet is taking on one of your activities to show the result. Suppose you click on the image and then how much time is the internet taking to get the image complete show so it’s called latency. The latency of 4G is 100ms response time but the latency of 5G will be 1ms response time which is very fast.

Dents Connection

Dents connection is at the third number. As the name suggests, all the devices will be connected to each other through a 5G network and the work will be done very well. 5G uses new radio technology and some also use radio-frequency its name is sub6 and the frequency of sub6 is 600 MHz-6 GHz. 5G uses the radio frequency of the high band and that is 24 GHz-86 GHz.

5G Network

As you know that nowadays there are towers all over the places of networking. Ever since the 4G network has come, the towers which were there have increased a lot and now there are towers all over the place. When 5G comes, the cells will be used instead of the tower and it will be very small by which 5G network will be released.

These cells will work on the beam transformation in which any device such as a cellphone, laptop, tablet, or PC, and then all 5G radios will be fixed inside that device to easily connect to a 5G network. With the advent of 5G, the demand for IoT will be very high.


I hope you have liked this article and you must have come to know how fast the world will become with the arrival of 5G and how quickly we will be able to access anything. Work on 5G is going on and it will come to us very soon.

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