In today’s article, we are going to talk about IoT. The full form of IoT is the internet of things. Let me tell you one more thing IoT is very popular nowadays and a lot of work is going on. A lot more work is going to be done on this in 2021 as well and is still. IoT is the latest topic because it has made our work so much easier than we can imagine that it could be.

If we talk about the IoT, then things that are connected to the internet. If you have a lot of things and all that are connecting over the internet and in simple words, if your things are connected with the internet then we call it the internet of things.

Working on the Internet of Things

Many devices are connected to each other through the internet. All these devices pass messages to each other. Due to this, all the devices get the information of each other devices. This means when the work will be completed, it is all decided together.

An example is that you hired a servant in your house to get your household chores done. Like you hired someone for cooking, you hired someone to clean the house, you hired someone for the gardening and you hired a lot of people for many tasks. Now you are telling them that this work should be done within the next 2 hours.

Internet of Things

If you give all the work to one person, then he will not be able to do it at this time. But you have given this work to multiple people and due to this, the work will be accessible quickly and easily.

From now on it is happening that the one whose job is to cook food is cooking. Then after cooking, he told a servant that my work is done, only a little is left. Now the gardener also told one of the servants that my work is also done, there is only a little left.

By doing this, everyone is communicating among themselves and doing their work together. Now they know that the task given to them should be completed within 2 hours.

If we talk about another example of this, as if we have a mobile, or laptop in our house, then all of them are connected with one modem, then we will also call this internet of things IoT.

This is how internet of things IoT works. Each device is assigned a particular task and performs all these tasks within the time and communicates with each other as well. Like a self-driving car in which the car knows where I have to go, where there will be less traffic and there is no person in front, a traffic signal is on or off.

The car is aware of all these things because the small and different devices are connected to the car and these are sending continuously information to it.

This is the best example of IoT, so you must have come to know what is internet of things IoT and why it is popular and how it made everything easier.

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